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Injection molding mini plastic hot air dryer hopper with loader for sale

HHD series directdrive hopper dryers are the most efficient and rapidly economical and applied machine to dry the plastics material, it can dry the wet material for package ,transportation of recycle, all the models can choose to add the 24hour timer,.

Product details

Injection molding mini plastic hot air dryer hopper with loader for sale

Every injection molding machine have plastic resin hoppers.But some material like PET require Dryer hopper.Recycle also have much water,so need hopper dryers injection molding.We don't offer used hopper dryer. our machine price is less than shini hopper dryer price.hopper dryer 50 kg,our price is only USD250.

Standard hopper dryer specification

1) Capacity: 12kg - 1, 500kg
2) Good heat distribution
3) Precise temperature controls
4) Save time and manpower
5) Reliable design
6) Standard voltage: 380V 50Hz 3 Phase

Type                                 DiameterExternal sizeCapacityHeater PowerBlower PowerApplicable lnjectioner
HHD-12KGΦ 280mm640× 430× 780mm15kg2.1kw75w1oz.
HHD-25KG Φ 350mm760× 500× 900mm25kg3.5kw135w3oz.
HHD-50KGΦ 430mm840× 540× 1030mm50kg4.8kw155w5-8oz.
HHD-75KGΦ 468mm950× 600× 1140mm75kg5.1kw185w6-9oz.
HHD-100KGΦ 550mm1080× 700× 1250mm100kg7.8kw200w10-30oz.
HHD-150KGΦ 630mm1120× 760× 1300mm150kg8.88kw200w15-30oz.
HHD-200KGΦ 700mm1250× 850× 1480mm200kg10kw320w30-60oz.
HHD-300KGΦ 750mm1300× 920× 1740mm300kg15kw320w> 60oz.
HHD-400KGΦ 800mm1400× 1040× 1760mm400kg20kw340w> 60oz.
HHD-600KGΦ 990mm1600× 1150× 2150mm600kg27kw1030w> 60oz.
HHD-800KGΦ1090mm1700× 1330× 2660mm800kg30kw2200w> 60oz.
HHD-1000G     Φ1090mm1700× 1330× 2860mm1000kg32kw2200w> 60oz
HHD-1500KGΦ1300mm2100×1400×3000mm1500kg48kw2200w> 60oz

HHD series directdrive hopper dryers are the most efficient and  rapidly economical and applied machine to dry the plastics  material, it can dry the wet material for package ,transportation of recycle, all the models can choose to add the 24hour timer, a  week timer or microcomputer control(containing P.I.D)temperature automatic controller,99-hour time, fault indication.
1.adopting hot air diffuser device with high performance of  diffusing hot 
   are evenly to keep the plastic dry evenly and increase the dry  efficiency.
2. Special bend design of hotblast main avoids the accumulation of dust at the bottom of the tubular electric heating element and also avoids the fire.
3. Inner hopper and all the internal parts are med of stainless  steel.
4. The separated design of the pail and the bottom of Hooper is  convenient to clear and changing material.
5. Adopt proportional deviation indication thermostat to control the temperature accurately
6.double overheating protection can avoid the accidents caused  by people or machine.
7. All models can choose preheating timer, microcomputer control or double temperature protection hopper.
8.0-99 hour timing automatic starting the machine
9.intermittent drying way to save power.

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