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Injection blow Molding Machine

Haijiang Injection blow Molding Machine can make plastic water bottles. It can make lots of plastic bottles, suitable material included PET, PETG, PC, PP, PPSU, AS, SK and etc. Bottle size from 0.3 L to 2.5 L

Product details

One Step PET Plastic Bottle Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine

1) This machine is widely uesd for making lots of plastic bottles.

2) Injection station is for injection preform from raw material.

3) Stretch & blow station is for stretching & blowing the preform to finished bottle.

4) Ejection station is for releasing bottle.

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Machine NameInjection Stretch Blow Molding Machine
Machine TypeOne Step / Single Stage / Fully Automatic
Application1 mL to 1100 mL Plastic Bottle
Processing MaterialPET, PETG, Tritan, PP, PC, AS, PPSU
 Machine Model HF-990
 Screw Diameter 35 mm
Theoretical Injection Capacity134.6 cm3 
Injection Clamping Force282.6 kN 
 Blow Clamping Force123.1 kN 
Motor Power 26 + 17 kW 
 Herater Capacity8 kW 
Blow Air Pressure  2.5 - 3.0 MPa
 Cooling  Water Pressure0.2 -0.3 MPa 
Machine Size4700 *190 * 2800 mm
Machine Weight6500 kg


Botlte Sample:

 This machine can make lots of plastic bottles, suitable material inlcudeds PET, PETG, PC, PP, PPSU, AS, SK and etc.

Haijiang is an expert manufacturer of injection stretch blow molding ( ISBM ) machine in China since 1992.

 2) We would like to provide turn-key solution for your project, machine, molds and auxiliary machines.

 3) Online technical services is available and it works great for many overseas customers.

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