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500 ton injection molding machine

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Variable pump injection machine, at the same speed, can change the displacement of hydraulic pump, and motor load will also change with displacement, so as to save electricity.

The main difference between the variable quantity pump and standard pump output power, output power of variable pump is changed with the load change, and the output power of the pump is relatively constant, in a small flow of actions, the output power of the variable pump is very low, but the quantitative pump output power constant.

In general, the variable pump for the hydraulic system cleanliness requirements than the general model, in other words, anti fouling, poor oil system variable machine, high maintenance costs of its oil, this machine for use and proper maintenance practices are not widely established in the mainland factory and is undoubtedly a major test. If the maintenance is not proper, it is easy to cause the failure and damage of the variable pump, and the variable pump often changes the flow rate, resulting in its running life is shorter than the general quantitative pump, which virtually increases the maintenance cost. In addition, many of the newly launched variable energy machines are new products. They haven't been tested for a long time yet, and how their durability and reliability are still effective. And so on, it is the problem that the manufacturer should think more when choosing the variable energy saving machine.

In summary, in assessing whether to adopt energy-saving system, should consider the needs the injection conditions, the production of the product itself the machine is configured to open closed loop type, follow-up maintenance costs and presses the correct use and maintenance practices, more important is to be able to guarantee the basic performance presses. If you consider the purchase of energy-saving design of the injection molding machine, please carefully assess the number of points, only to confirm the need of high pressure demand product and configure the closed loop variable pump case, in order to achieve obvious energy saving effect and maintain the performance and stability of the machine, after all, the purpose of installing energy saving system in order to save costs, only choose a long-term energy saving scheme can reduce the cost, can really reduce the "long-term" production cost competitiveness.