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The basic step of the injection molding machine

Time:2021-12-24 16:08:59 Author:admin Clicks:

The basic step of the injection molding machine:

    (1) injection molding machine mold process
    Injection molding machine clamping cylinder pressure oil pushing clamping mechanism is operated to move the movable platen mold is closed. Wherein the injection molding machine mold is first low-voltage, high-speed closed; when the movable platen is approaching stationary platen, and then switch to a low-speed, low pressure closed (ie, die protection conditions); confirming that no mold foreign body is present, then switch to a high pressure ( clamping force), and the mold locking.

    (2) injection molding machine injection device

    Plunger process after mold clamping force to lock the injection device into the working conditions of the nozzle and the mold fit. After injection of the solenoid valve is energized, the injection cylinder filling a pressurized oil, screw and push the cylinder rod is connected to, and in accordance with hierarchical pressure and injection rate will melt within the barrel locking cavity.
    (3) injection molding machine packing process
    In the melt during filling the mold cavity until after the full filling, the screw still requires the melt to maintain a certain pressure, in order to prevent the melt in the mold at reflux; at the same time, holding pressure is applied to the injection molding machine supplement product is cooled mold cavity shrink the required material to produce plastic products avoid shrinkage and other defects.
    (4) plastic injection molding machine and pre-cooling process
    Once sealed gate, the abolition of packing process, the article in the mold to cool styling; at the same time, the pre-driving motor oil plastic screw rotates, the granular plastic from the hopper forward delivery, plasticized. After the plastics material injection molding machine reaches a predetermined measurement value, in order to prevent the melted plastic overflow nozzle needs to be a certain distance the screw moves backward, namely, anti-extension process.

    (5) injection molding machine injection device retreat, mold and plastic ejection process

    After the pre-plastic injection molding machine metering and anti-extension process, in order to make for a long time and nozzle Buzhi Yu cold mold to form the contact materials such as cold, often necessary to evacuate the mold nozzle, that means back into the injection conditions. The action is executed, and program execution has to choose from. Once the article is cooled after the mold shape, and the top of the article.