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Some small injection molding machine maintenance experience

Time:2021-12-23 20:52:56 Author:admin Clicks:

1, the injection molding machine motor starters, pressure gauge


Amplifier board bad. Measured with a multimeter whether the current through the service amplifier board. Relief valve stuck. Remove the relief valve inspection, cleaning relief valve.

  2, after the injection molding machine start production for some time, the pump sound big Troubleshooting.
On the injection molding machine of recycled plastic granule


Suction pipe poor quality, split screen to check for deformation. Suction pipe is stratified. Replace tubing, filter. The filter is not clean. Hydraulic oil is too much impurity. Clean the screen. Pump wear: Check the oil pan and oil pump rotor end face. Replace the oil pump.

  3, when the injection molding machine mold loud Troubleshooting


The proportion of poor linearity, opening and closing time of position adjustment is bad, check the amplifier board ramp up and ramp down, adjust the amplifier board ramp ramp down time adjusted appropriately.