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What is a toggle clamp injection molding machine?

Time:2023-07-13 16:38:07 Author:China Haijiang Clicks:


A toggle clamp injection molding machine uses a toggle clamping unit to exert pressure and hold the mold closed during the injection molding process. 

Here are some key details about toggle clamp injection molding machines:

- It has a movable platen and a fixed platen. The mold is attached to these platens.

- The toggle clamping unit consists of toggles (two arms connected by a knee joint) and hydraulic cylinders.

- During clamping, the hydraulic cylinder extends the toggle joints and brings the moving platen towards the fixed platen to close the mold.

- The knee joints of the toggles can generate a huge clamping force up to 600-2000 tons on the mold.

- This force ensures the mold remains securely closed while the molten plastic is injected at high pressure.

- Once the plastic has hardened, the hydraulic cylinder is retracted which causes the toggles to collapse and open the mold.

- Toggle clamps enable very high clamping force with low power hydraulic cylinders compared to direct-acting clamps.

- They provide uniform clamping across the mold and minimize deflection of mold plates.

- Toggle machines are ideal for larger molds that require very high clamping pressure during injection.

- They are more rigid and energy efficient compared to standard hydraulic injection molding machines.

- However, toggle clamps have slower response time and recovery during mold opening due to toggle action.In summary, toggle clamp injection molders generate high clamping force for large molds using an energy efficient toggle mechanism rather than large hydraulic cylinders.