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Photo frame making machine

Time:2023-07-20 16:45:44 Author:China Haijiang Clicks:

A photo frame making machine is a specialized machine used to automatically manufacture photo frames in high volumes. Here are some key features of photo frame making machines:


- picture frame making machine consists of an automated feeding system that feeds in raw materials like wood, aluminum, plastic sheets etc. based on the frame material.

- wooden photo frame making machine has a computerized cutting station with lasers or blades to cut the sheets into required frame dimensions input through CAD software.

- Some machines also have integrated milling, grooving and drilling units to make customized cuts, designs and holes for hanging.

- An integrated glue dispensing system bonds the cut frame pieces together at the corners. Pressure rollers are used to firmly join the glued frame.

- Advanced machines have automated clamping and pressing stations to assemble the frame under high pressure.

- The finished frames are automatically stacked via conveyors at the output for collection.

- Picture frame making machine,PLC and computer numeric control allow customized programming of sizes, styles and production sequences.

- Photo printing and mounting units may be integrated in higher-end machines for complete automated production.

- photo frame maker machine Production capacities range from hundreds to thousands of frames per hour depending on speed and automation level.So in summary, photo frame making machines automate the end-to-end manufacturing process to mass produce photo frames with consistency, efficiency and precision. They enable high volume frame production for industries and manufacturers. 

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