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Haijiang High-Volume Injection Molding Machines,New Treasures for Large-scale Parts Production in Bulk

Time:2023-04-24 15:53:17 Author:China Haijiang Clicks:

Ningbo Haijiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will participate in Chinaplas 2023 to be held in Shenzhen in April 2023. At this exhibition, Ningbo Haijiang Machinery will showcase the company's flagship product - Haijiang injection molding machine. Haijiang injection molding machines are known for their high efficiency, energy saving, high precision and high cost performance. The products cover two-color injection molding machines, servo energy-saving injection molding machines, mixed-color injection molding machines, thermoset injection molding machines and high-volume injection molding machines. The two-color injection molding machine is a highlight of the Haijiang injection molding machine, which can produce two or more colored plastic parts in one injection process, greatly improving production efficiency. Haijiang's latest fourth-generation two-color injection molding machine adopts a signature balanced injection system and an advanced hydraulic-electric hybrid drive system to realize highly efficient and low-loss multi-component injection and precise color control. 


  The servo energy-saving injection molding machine is another major feature product of the Haijiang injection molding machine. By adopting high-density servo motors, torque sensors and patented energy-saving systems, it realizes precise control of injection molding machine injection, focusing and plasticizing actions to minimize energy waste. The injection cycle is as short as 5 seconds. Compared with traditional injection molding machines, Haijiang servo energy-saving injection molding machines can save 70% of power consumption and produce more precise and high-quality plastic parts.In addition, Haijiang injection molding machines also provide mixed-color injection molding machines, thermoset injection molding machines and high-volume injection molding machines and other products. Whether the customer needs a small-batch production micro injection molding machine or a high-volume injection molding machine for producing large plastic parts, Haijiang injection molding machines can meet the needs of different customers.  As Asia's most important plastics exhibition, Chinaplas 2023, Ningbo Haijiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. sincerely invites customers to visit booth 9R33 in Hall 9 to see Haijiang injection molding machine's gorgeous product lineup and new technologies. Haijiang people will enthusiastically recommend energy-efficient, precision and efficient Haijiang brand injection molding machines to customers, discuss new technologies and new products together, and we sincerely look forward to your presence and support!