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How to set temperature value on the injection molding machine

Time:2021-12-24 11:55:38 Author:Haijiang Clicks:

How to set temperature value on the injection molding machine

Before do injection moulding, we have to set the temperature value on the computer.After set the value, then start the electric heating equipment.

First step:Set the injection molding temperature on computer

There are many differet plastic raw materials, say ABS,polycarbonate,polypropylene,hdpe,nylon. their barrel temperature injection molding valuce as below:

Plastic nameMelting PointHot runner controllersNozzle TemperatureMiddle zone Temperature

End Zone Temperature

ABS injection molding temperature11050-80190-250180-240170-240
polycarbonate molding temperature15080-99250-320260-340280-350
polypropylene molding temperature130
hdpe injection molding temperature13035-60230-310220-300170-220
nylon injection molding temperature26550-80250-280240-280220-280
tpu injection molding temperature220
pp injection molding temperature17650-80210-300180-260160-240
pet injection molding temperature255280270-275265-275250-270
pvc injection molding temperature9010-60170-220160-295150-195
pmma injection molding temperature10050-90180-230160-240140-220
pla injection molding temperature176280270-275265-275250-270

Second step:Start the heating equipment

Go in to the dialogue menu of setting temperature to set the temperature:press the "heating button",then begin to heat the screw barrel.At normal condition,it needs about 20 minutes to heat it to be the required temperature.Prohibit to operate the injection movement before the temperature meet the requirement.