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what is table top injection molding machine?

Time:2022-12-25 18:33:31 Author:China Haijiang Clicks:

A tabletop injection molding machine, also known as a benchtop injection molding machine or a micro injection molding machine, is a small, self-contained injection molding machine that is designed to be used on a tabletop or workbench. It is typically used for small-scale injection molding applications, such as prototyping, testing, and producing small runs of parts.

Tabletop injection molding machines are typically much smaller and more compact than traditional injection molding machines, which makes them an excellent choice for use in small workshops or labs. They are also much less expensive than larger injection molding machines, which makes them an attractive option for those on a budget or for those who do not have a high volume of injection molding work.

Tabletop injection molding machines are typically equipped with a small clamping unit, a small injection unit, and a control panel. They use a screw-type injection system to inject the molten plastic into the mold, and they are typically operated manually or with a simple control panel.

Tabletop injection molding machines are an excellent choice for those who need a small, cost-effective injection molding machine for prototyping, testing, or small-scale production. They are easy to use, require minimal setup and maintenance, and can produce high-quality parts quickly and efficiently.