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how does a injection molding machine work?

Time:2023-08-24 14:27:02 Author:China Haijiang Clicks:

Here is the explanation of how an injection molding machine works process:


1. Raw material preparation - The plastic pellets are dried in a dryer to remove moisture and impurities.
2. Material feeding - The dried plastic pellets are conveyed from the hopper to the barrel.
3. Plasticizing - The screw rotates inside the barrel, heating and shearing the pellets into molten plastic.
4. Injection - When the molten plastic is ready, the screw moves forward, injecting the plastic into the closed mold cavity.
5. Cooling - The plastic cools and solidifies inside the mold, taking the shape of the mold cavity.
6. Mold opening - Once the plastic is solidified enough, the mold opens to eject the molded part.
7. Part ejection - The finished part is ejected out by ejector pins and removed by robot or operator.
8. Mold closing - The mold closes again and gets ready for the next injection cycle.The whole injection molding process is automated by mechanical movements and temperature control according to computer programs, allowing efficient mass production of plastic parts.