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Haijiang injection molding machine feature:
Injection unit:

Optimized injection unit : increase rigidity, ensure coaxiality of the forces on motion and injection, reduce resistance, and  enhance the stability and accuracy of injection.

Integrated linear guide rail structure : minimizes the friction to motion, increases injection accuracy and enhances plasticizing efficiency.
Horizontal dual-carriage design : dual-carriage design for two-cylinder parallel injection, effectively eliminating rotary torque to ensure a reliable and stable injection.
New universal screw and barrel unit : easy color change and cleaning, low shear without t empera ture rise and wider applicability, etc.

User-friendly designs:ensure the operation safety, reduce labor intensity and offer more ease of operation and maintenance.

Clamping unit:

Uniform-stress molding technology

High-rigidity T-slot platen

Compulsory ejector return

Closed-loop control of mold open position

Anti-tilt platen support design

Low pressure mold protection

Control system:

Mirle Controller ( Standard)
1:10.4-inch 800X 600 TFT LCD with separate control by 32-bit CPU.
2.240 sets of mold data memory, USB port for extension of storage.
3. 7+1 sections of PID temperature control supports switchover between type J and type K thermocouples.
4.Production quality control, with display of process parameter graphs and statistics tables.
KEBA Controller ( Optional)
1. Expandable with multiple modules including AO, AI, DO, DI, and TM .
2. Real-time monitoring of signals from machine equipped
sensors to coordinate corresponding movements for higher operating safety;
3. Support common RS232/485 communication interface,
CANOPEN, Ethernet port,temperature compensation sensor connector, and USB port.